Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Name: Ainsley

Age: 17 years 9 months and 29 days

Relationship Status: So very in love with my boy!

The meaning behind your blog name: Mine and Lachlan's song is Postcards by James Blunt so it seemed fitting.

Occupation: Currently in high school but i hope to work in discrimination law or accounting maybe ever psychology.

The last time you cried: I saw something at school that reminded me of a friend that passed away last month.

Looks or personality: To be honest nobody sees someones personality at first glance. We see their face, their body and the way that they present themselves which intrigues us and we begin to become attracted to personality after the initial intrigue of the way they look. So ultimately looks draw someone in and the personality makes them stay.

An experience you will never forget: When i was in year 10 (2 years ago) i was chosen by my school to serve a formal lunch to Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. She is so beautiful, poised and polite in real life. It was an honor to do something like that.

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio ;)

Last person you kissed and why: It was my boyfriend and he was wishing me luck on an English exam that i had to go and do.

Piercings: I have my first holes (lobes) done but i want more, something like this.

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