Friday, 26 September 2014


Some people may not find it as daunting or unsettling as I do but there is a weird feeling that comes over someone when the door to a huge chapter of their life is closing. I know that the majority of people around the world have to deal with leaving school at some stage in their lives but it has finally hit me that it all ended 8 days ago. As of 1 pm on the 18th of September 2014 I became an ex-high school student.I will no longer have to walk to that bus stop at 8 am every weekday and catch the bus as the oldest person on there and walk up that ramp and flight of stairs to sit in our window. I will no longer dread going to English or get excited for a double maths because our teacher is bringing us food. Birthdays of friends won't be the same without strategically hiding their birthday cake from them in the fridge and emerging with it at lunch time as the entire year sings them a happy birthday. My days won't be the same when I don't spend ten minutes of every morning with the best friend I could ever ask for that I followed to classes in the 7th grade because I thought she would think I was weird if I asked her where our class room was - reflecting upon that I now discover that she would have thought I was so much more of a nutter by just following her everywhere.

There are so many decisions that have been required to be made over the last few months and I don't know how I feel about it at all. It worries me a whole lot. We were taught to sit down and listen for so long being told what to do and when to do it for 13 years and then all of the sudden the education system expects students to make life changing decisions about what they are going to choose as a life long occupation. That is a hard decision for 16 year olds to make. Those decisions have been so difficult but it has what has happened in between that have shaped who we as a grade are as people. We have been dealt some pretty shitty hands this year and we have lost people we are close to but we have all supported one another and pushed through.

I so badly wanted to graduate with the people I held nearest and dearest sitting beside me but unfortunately I cannot. Callum, you were taken too soon and i truly wish that you weren't. You were never supposed to pass away so young. Some people may not think that Muscular Distrophy can take someones life and some other people know that it can but expect it to be a long road of pain and suffering for the person it affects but for our Callum it did not do that. He was happy and healthy just hours before and out of nowhere he was taken from us. It gets harder when I look around that study room or we are doing an exam and you aren't there with your cheeky little smile but I know that i was so blessed to have been able to spend a great amount of time with you and make memories that will last a life time.

The memories that I have made over the years with the girls and guys have been undoubtedly memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. We have done some things that define our friendships. From completely removing everything from our year 11 legal studies classroom which included all of the desks, textbooks, chairs, teachers desk, all of it! Going on countless excursions to look at things that we would never have seen if it wasn't for them. I have seen four universities with my best friends, beaches, cities, different cultures and they way each and every one of them look when they wake up. The 30+ people I have been excited to see and spend my days with everyday of the year are all going to be starting their new lives soon and unfortunately they are not all going to end up in the same place that I am next year and I will miss all of their faces so much. But I do know that when we reunite on our university breaks then we will most certainly catch up with a family dinner with a theme that we all enjoyed the first time round; Mexican!

So all in all I am just venting and reminiscing upon what I will miss, the people, the memories and the way they all make me feel. High school defined who I was, it was the place i met my friends, discovered who I was, felt love, felt heartbreak and fell in love all over again with the boy I will cherish forever. That school is a part of me and it will never leave me.

This lot have made my endless hours at school worth it and filled my weekends with laughter and happiness. Thanks folks, I will miss you but I will never forget any of you!

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