Monday, 29 September 2014


I've been watching Zoella for just over two years and have seen not only her channel grow in popularity but also the rest of the world take notice of how talented and beautiful she is inside and out. I love that the world is starting to take notice of Youtubers in a manner that portrays them as not just people that sit in their room and make videos but as people who are making a career out of something that they love. I am aware that I myself am not a Youtuber so I can not truly know what is involved in the whole Youtube game. But I like to believe that I have watched enough videos of these people explaining their lives and their jobs to understand that they only show us a tiny bit of their lives and there is so much more involved than many are led to believe.

I am so proud of Zoe. I know that I do not know her personally and have never actually met her but through her vlogs and her main channel videos I have seen the process of both her book and Zoella Beauty. Well as much of the process as she has shown. I know that people on Youtube don't like their viewers pretending like they know them in any way. But I do feel that with what she has shown to her viewers and the way I have seen and read about they way she handles herself and does not let her anxiety take hold of her really is so wonderful. I understand that I do not know her and any Youtuber personally and don't pretend to but it doesn't change the fact that with what I see from them gives me a sense of happiness for them.

All in all what I am trying to say is that the people that I am subscribed to on Youtube do something that furthers them in their career I feel an immense feeling of pride for them. They work so hard and cop a lot of flack for what they do for a living but nobody except them really know what goes into making videos and the other endeavors that they pursue as a result of their subscribers and the support that they receive from them.

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