Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Three months ago I got a phone call from Lach that changed my life forever. He said in a shaky voice that Callum had passed away. At first it didn't click as to who he was talking about. I thought it was one of our friends brothers. No, it was the Callum that we had grown up with. The Callum that we loved and treasured, the Cal that we never anticipating losing.

The week that followed was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do. The day after was possibly the worst. Seeing my entire grade coming to terms with the loss of such a wonderful young man. He meant a lot to all of us. As a grade that was made up of only 70 students it hit us all pretty hard. We all saw each other everyday. We all talked everyday and now we were missing one of the people that every single one of us loved. The tears that were shed by not only students but our parents, our teachers and other students from years below us that had seen him and his infectious smile.

His funeral was hard. I had never been to a funeral for someone who was so young. I had also only been to two before that. My own grandfathers funeral in 2010 and an elderly lady who had lived up the street from me my entire life in 2012. It was extremely difficult to sit and say goodbye to a boy that had taught me so much over the years.

Callum didn't get to get his HSC like he had been wanting to do. He didn't get to graduate high school with his friends either.

He is sadly missed and i think about him everyday. He was a great friend to me and an even better friend to Lach.

Love you so much Cal! xxx

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