Monday, 13 October 2014


So today I began the HSC exam journey. As always it started with English paper 1 that focuses on our area of study and for the last year we had to do belonging. Which I always thought was crap but to be honest it is actually not that bad.

The test consisted of three unseen texts that were were required to answer short answer questions on. In this section there were three three mark questions and one six mark question. This was different from every other year so it threw us all. However I actually feel fairly confident with it. Section 2 of the exam was imaginative writing. I actually suck so bad at that but that's okay it is only worth fifteen marks. Lastly we had our essay that we had to write. It was about our prescribed text and one related text. My prescribed text was The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick, it was about a young boy named Billy who leaves an abusive home an became homeless in a new town called Benderat. He falls in love with an upper class named Caitlin when she is at work at McDonalds and they eventually become a couple. He also becomes best friends with another homeless man, this mans name is also Bill. So Billy calls him Old Bill throughout the entire book. By the way, it is a book of poems. there are like 150 short as poems in there and they make up a whole novel. My related text was Abbi Glines' The Vincent Boys. it is a novel about a preachers daughter who gets with the resident bad boy. But the resident bad boy is also her boyfriends cousin and her old best friend. This becomes an issue when she actually gets with her boyfriends cousin when they are actually still together.

These texts probably sound really confusing and to be frank the entire test was confusing but it is one less I have to do tomorrow. Also if anyone who is doing their HSC is reading this after paper 1 or any of their exams for that matter. I hope you are doing well and remmeber that your mental health is way more important than any test score can be and there are so many other ways to get into university than just your ATAR,

Good luck on English paper 2 my HSC friends and I hope that your exams and the Board of Studies is kind to you these next few weeks. Remember that everyone is in the same boat as you so just take a deep breath and chill out. It will all be over so very soon.

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