Friday, 19 December 2014


So on Wednesday morning I got up at 5:00am so I could both get ready for work and also have time to check my HSC exam results. I did not sleep well at all and woke up so many times throughout the night because of how nervous I was waiting for them to be in. Anyway they were released at 5:30am on Wednesday.

The individual marks from the exams were personal bests and i could not have been happier. I received a 68 in English, 71 in both Legal Studies and Modern History, 74 in Maths and 80 in Community and Family Studies. I thought that with those marks I would get a pretty good ATAR on Thursday morning and I was extremely proud of myself. However I was very wrong.

ON Thursday ATARs were not released until am and by then I was already at work and did not have time to check it. I finished at 5pm and was stressing all day about what it would be but I guessed that it would be fairly good at least 65+. I was very wrong. I checked
my ATAR and it came out as a 56.90. That number broke my heart and continued to do so for three hours. I literally cried for three hours straight about my ATAR. That ATAR was not good enough to get me into university.

Due to the location in which I live I am eligible for bonus points. Thank god for bonus points. I called all three universities and my recalculated ATAR was between 69.90 and 75.30. That 75.30 ensured me a guaranteed spot in my first preference of a double degree in Business and Commerce. I am over the moon and can safely say that I could not have do it without those bonus points. I just hope that they didn't lie to me on the phone and I do in fact still have that guaranteed offer in January.

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