Friday, 27 February 2015


So the time finally came for me to move away from my beloved home, family, friends and small town life style that I grew up with. I loved it all so much but unfortunately to reach my full potential and move on to bigger and better things I had to leave. As much as I wanted to leave a huge part of me wanted to stay too.
In order for me to get a university degree I had to move over 500 kilometers away from my family and some of my friends. That also meant moving nearly 1500 kilometers away from Lach. That broke my heart to say goodbye to all of the people that have helped me become who i am today but it had to be done sadly. Although some of my friends moved to the big smoke too which makes me happy that I can still see some people that remind me of home and my high school days.
I have visited my university twice since I arrived a week ago and I can honestly say that it is pretty cool. I made a new friend and caught up with an old one too. Life is pretty sweet at the moment, i get to visit the beach everyday if i want to, I only have to commute 45 minutes into university (I know that sounds like a lot but some people at Lachs uni have to travel like 2 hours into the city just to attend university which would suck). All in all my new uni life is really beginning to please me. Although I haven't actually started the work yet I think I will enjoy it.

Anyways, that was just a little update on my life and I hope that I can get back into blogging very soon. I want to try and make it more of a uni life/ surviving a long distance relationship kind of a blog. Would you guys like that? Let me know :)

Sunday, 15 February 2015


These past twenty four hours have been extremely difficult for us honey. Having to leave one another to live in literal different states. We are in for some amazing adventures and we will enjoy every moment of our new lives. I know we will be apart for the next three to four years but that does not mean that we are without one another. There is a reason that airplanes, Skype, texting, calling, facebook and every other mode of transport and communication were invented. It was for people like us; teenage couples trying to make ends meet while away at university. It actually probably isn't why they were invented but still I like to think that's why they were.

Anyway, as much as saying goodbye to you last night broke my heart i will never forget it. That is for the sheer fact that it had so much raw emotion in those moments. Standing on the veranda of my house just looking at you, crying, kissing, hugging and hoping that it was going to work all while trying to gather up the courage to get into your car and drive on home, that was what now makes me so happy. Knowing that there is so much love and happiness that we have shared and still do share makes this all worth while to me. 

Lets start this long distance thing and see where it takes us. I really do want to wish you all the best for your course, your new city, your new friendships and all up your new adventure and life. Just because we are starting new lives apart does not mean that we will be alone or without one another. You will always be with me as I will always be with you. 

I love you baby and I cannot wait until I see you again in the next few weeks bubba!